Wednesday, 27 February 2013

LingoDiction - What All It Holds For You

It becomes one heck of a problem when one is out on a foreign land, and is not able to express his needs to the natives in their own language. And it becomes all the more embarrassing when one intends to speak something, after obviously looking into a dictionary, and the meaning turns out to be something else.

Majority of the people who go out, for business or for leisure, face this problem, and roaming around with hefty dictionaries is no more a feasible option, when you have access to download a small translation app on your smartphone. But the major confusion then is which of the thousands available apps to choose from?

You need not to fret anymore since LingoDiction is all here to help you come over language barriers. This new app offers a wide range of features, assisting you with any sort of language-related problem you might come across while in an alien land.

With a user-friendly interface, LingoDiction has words clearly segregated into regions, and various other categories like Most Widely Spoken Languages, Romance Language, and the likes. The division of words into smaller categories helps cut-off any confusions that might arise otherwise. And the present count of the languages in which LingoDiction offers translation is 65, which is only growing bigger.

Coming over to the features it offers, the list is endless. If you find going through the categories boring, then you also have the option to select a language from the language atlas, and get going! And if you are one of those lazy souls who get weary over clicking the button to listen to the voice of words, Turbo Play is all for you. After clicking on it, you automatically get to listen to the voice of every word you click upon.

What’s more, you can always send in your suggestions to make the app more better. If, according to you, the data is not correct or is incomplete in any sense, you have the option to send it in, and then the mistake will get rectified. These are just some of the features of this unique new app, download now to explore more of it!

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Friday, 22 February 2013

A Trip to Amsterdam - RouteIt Guided To Perfection

The other day I was fussing over my strict parents for they refused when I asked them if I too could be a part of the upcoming School Expedition to Amsterdam. They told me I wasn’t supposed to be travelling without them anywhere in that age. And this is when I explored RouteIt.

Since visiting Amsterdam has always been on my wish-list, I thought why not delve into the city first on RouteIt??! I explored my way to Amsterdam, and as the world map took me to my dream city, I was welcomed with a piece of info on it. On clicking the ‘Play’ icon, I was literally taken inside the city, where the route started for my avatar (and me too!) to go round the city on satellite view.

The first halt was Hermitage Amsterdam, for which I got to know a lot from the app. After I was done with my first Point of Interest, I resumed the journey. Secondly, the app took me to Museum Willet-Holthuysen, again giving a brief on it. I even had the option to share my expedition and every stoppage with my friends. I was astonished to find out that Amsterdam even has a Museum dedicated to all-girl-things: Museum of Bags and Purses.

Every now and then, while I was on the route, it came up with options for me to interact with my fellow travelers, or to share my experience with others on the network, the ongoing competitions, and such. My next stoppage was at Allard Pierson Museum which was followed by a halt at Dam Square. I even got to visit and know about The Royal Palace of Amsterdam, which otherwise might not have been possible. And with this the mesmerizing journey came to an end.

Though it was always fun to stop at every POI for a while to know more about it, but for the less-interested souls, it even has the option to change gears. Here’s how: if you feel like speeding up the journey, you can opt for running, skating or cycling the way up instead of walking.

What I liked the most was that apart from the satellite view, RouteIt also offers Street View for life-like experience. Since it even has the option to listen to one’s favorite music tracks, whenever I felt lonely on the route (which wasn’t often), I made music my companion. All through the journey I was feeling as if I was actually in Amsterdam- because of the structured info this app provides. With this app on my phone, I had a very edutaining trip to my favorite city- the city of museums!

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