Friday, 14 June 2013

Masterchef entry by Street Food Congress

We all are aware of the fact that a major chunk of the world populace relies heavily on the most unstructured culinary culture in the world, ‘Street Food’. No wonder, it has managed to stay in the hearts and minds of so many people around the corner.

Singapore is one such country that has been into the arena of Street Food for long celebrating new cuisines and making innovations. The new blend of tastes takes you to the happy hunting of delicious and ecstatic food. Besides being an iconic food structure of land, today we see a new Singapore emerging successfully out of its flourishing hawker centres.

Concluding its debut year in Singapore on June 9th, ‘Street Food Congress’ was a 10 day feasting celebration. Started off on the 31st of May, the variety and diversity in food led the visitors to experience the lip-smacking street food.

The World Street Food Congress was sensibly carried out by Makansutra, KF Seetoh serving as its brainchild. The food carnival was supported by the Singapore Tourism Board that had three main components

1. The World Street Food Dialogue: A two-day event of conference and networking was held on June 3rd to 5th. Here they had panel discussions on the enhancement of new ideas on the street food culture. There were talks of steps to be taken in order to preserve the culinary heritage; from encouraging Singapore youths to continue in the hawker industry to promote street food industry on a global international scale encouraging varied food traditions. Hee, the Congress ‘Food’ Mission meant encouraging other nations to come forward while presenting and promoting their food status.

2. The World Street Food Jamboree: A 10-days feasting Jamboree by at least 35 best street food masters from around the world. The fete saw 37 stalls from 10 major countries dedicated specially for culinary mavericks and food hedonists. There were presentations, food discussions, lectures held by world renowned food promoters.

3. The World Street Food Awards: They didn't have just the lectures, food and fun but recognition as well. The Food Committee climaxed with an Award Function on the 9th of June. The Awards aimed to make merry with the new menus and food innovation. While also foster skill development and self employment prospects. The Awards were meant to give international recognition to street food icons representing their nations with a sense of pride.

This food junction at Singapore was a huge hit that was attended by round about 80,000 people. Visitors were seen enjoying tea breaks, delicious lunches and gorging on the jamboree.

On a disappointing side, the Food Fest encountered some criticism as well. The response gathered by the public indicated the dearth of shuttle to manage such a huge crowd. According to the feedback the venue was not appropriate as well as convenient. However, reports say that many Private and Government organizations have come up offering many new locales in the near future. There seemed to be criticism due to the absence of African and Middle Eastern countries, however, the authorities at Singapore said that they are positive enough to encourage nations to bring their respective food cultures and traditions into notice for the next year event.

A venue by the name of La Guerrerense formed the most awaited que to taste the dishes. The amazing team of La Guerrerense stroke a massive hit by their delicious “seafood tostadas”. The world class Jamboree by the renowned master chefs of different countries aimed to make people aware of some lesser known street cuisines and strengthen communities by the bond of food and love. Its time we celebrate the richness and liveliness of street food to foster deeper encouragement of communities and strengthen the scattered energies of street food players worldwide.

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