Monday, 3 September 2012

Hugo Award: A Snapshot

Hugo Award: A Snapshot

Are you concerned that your scientific fantasies and stargazes have to die a usual fainting death? Well, you should start penning those fantasies as organically-linked thoughts in a book, and who knows you might get a nomination for the coveted Hugo Awards. Established back in the year 1955, Hugo Awards recognizes science fiction works in around a dozen categories. It’s not just about the written pieces, but dramatic works also fall under its ambit.

Hugo Award is given out by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), and it’s christened after Hugo Gernsback, a prolific science fiction writer, renowned for his cult fiction magazine Amazing Stories. The society acknowledges popular works in English which have been published in the past calendar year. Since it’s all about fiction and fantasies, the nominations understandably have no pre-defined criterion.

This year, Jo Walton, bagged the award for her work “Among Others” in the highly-anticipated Best Novel category. However, the grapevine had it that George R. R. Martin would be the clincher, but Jo Walton edged him out. although his widely popular “Game Of Thrones” did manage to grab the best in the Long Form category.

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