Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Trip to Milan Fashion Week: The Appy Affair

This year’s Milan Spring 2013 Fashion Week has seen curtains with Armani and Cavalli putting up their showdowns on the last day. No, I’m not gonna talk about the apparels and saucy and flamboyant designs exhibited there. Instead, my concern, as always, is more related to travelers who have been there for this fashion fiesta. Being an ardent traveler, I can empathize with itchy-feets for the hassles in dealing with people with lingual and cultural diversities that they have to deal with during their stay in the country.

I could still remember the first time I visited Milan for a family hangout. It was one memorable timeout. But it wasn’t all well everywhere. We missed on so many exciting fun places just because we had scarce info about those. Yeah, I admit, I screwed it big-time by opting for those maps and guidebooks. My bad, I know.

However, I took control before it got totally berserk and used my smartphone to rescue us. I was never that tech-savvy, but my 9-year old told me about the travel apps I could use to make things better. I surfed through the App Store, and Eureka, I’ve got my solution bundled in those miniaturized pieces of software. I checked out the travel section and found many travel apps there. Although it took me some time and research to pick the best app, but later I realized that all that time was worth spending. Having downloaded many travel-related apps on my mobile, exploring Milan became a cake walk. Since then, I’m a strong proponent of having useful apps on phone. So cheerio folks

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