Thursday, 13 December 2012

Smart Phone or Dumb Phone it’s what an app makes it

The past 10 years we've seen cellphones transform into electronic Swiss army knives with a wild variety of functions and features. They are replacing the watch, the camera, the standalone GPS, the alarm clock, and many other tools.

But what will the smart phones of the future look like?
Here's what we envision ...
In five years, the Patent Wars are over and Apple emerges victorious. The company has trademarks of many design features, including many types of curves. As a result, competing smart phone manufacturers resort to triangular or angular forms.It may not be long before such a killer app makes an appearance. The bar-code scanning ability of the auto focus camera on new devices suggests some possibilities. This is the basis of a popular app that is remarkably handy for checking prices when, for example, you are out shopping for a new HDTV. Bar-code scanning combined with printing and database querying capabilities could turn the device into a powerful laboratory information management tool for samples and reagents. The camera combined with text recognition could be used to access the material safety data sheet for any chemical. Bar-codes in scientific publications could direct readers to relevant online information or raw scientific data.

The ability to interface with other devices using different wireless protocols could be used for remote sensing or instrument control.App development has maintained extremely rapid growth over the past two years, particularly among the Android and iPhone platforms. The latter is now estimated to have over 150,000 apps after starting with just over 500 in July 2008. Android started later and with a much smaller pool of roughly 30 apps but has since grown to over 20,000 titles in roughly a year and a half.

BlackBerry App World, the Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace have also had a limited amount of success, although the latter may experience a "reboot" as Windows Phone 7's incompatibility will force many to rewrite apps to support the new OS.

What about the applications??
Applications are the new tools which makes a phone smart, without having useful applications your phone is not called as a Smart Phone but it also depends upon the user that how smart choices he makes to install an application for his desired use. Many of us find the trouble getting one particular application which will satisfy the need of the user. From games to utilities to entertainment everything has become so handy and compact that 1MB has again made a mark that how useful this small amount of data can do wonders.

Flooding applications over your smart phone is a threat because in the competitive world where everything changes in a fraction of second you need new ideas to fulfill new needs of a human being.People starting to make New Year's resolutions can turn to an app that aims to help them achieve their goals. But again the question arises WILL IT BE REALLY TRUE TO FULFILL THE HUMAN NEEDS??

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