Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Smart trip to France

Last Christmas vacation had been awesome for my friends. They had a trip of eight days that lasted from 25th December till 1st of January  They had been to France. I have only seen France in movies and on the Internet, not otherwise. My parents were not allowing me to go with my friends. But guess what?This year we are paying a visit to France.

France is the hub of old wine, intoxicating cheese and Gallic humor and of-course world's best Pizza. French  people have different accent but sounds like someone is speaking with a mouth full of candies. As soon as my friends reached France, they judged that almost all the people spoke french. They only knew English and Hindi. This made them pretty uncomfortable till one of them had an idea of downloading LingoDiction LingoDiction is a smart language-trainer app that allows the travelers, business men and language enthusiasts to learn new languages with utmost ease and efficiency. Now things had become very easy on their end and downloading the app was like winning a war on the trips. Lot many things had set straight. They need not require any help of any kind of other translator of so. LingoDiction was providing them with the best of platform. But this was not the end they needed someone to guide them. They did not want to hire a guide else there would be interference. They were thinking how to resolve the problem lest they saw an advertisement board of RouteIt.

Now they had almost everything in their hands. They could track routes of various places to visit along with fabulous hotels. They could easily know the famous mall, resort, hotels and even hospital that was close by. One of my friend even fell ill due to the change of weather. My friends could easily trace the nearest reachable hospital. Within few hours he recovered. The fun part had regained once again. There was laughter and it seemed they had entire France cheering with them. LingoDiction and RouteIt had set life so straight and easy going. Since this New Year, it's my turn I already have the two massive amazing apps. So friends hurry up its time for real smart work. Download these smart apps and remain updated always.

Download Virtual Travel App here: RouteIt
Download Language Translation App here: LingoDiction

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