Monday, 21 January 2013


Freezing cold has returned to much of Europe following a mild stretch, paving the way for outbreaks of snow through at least the start of this week. Much awaited bed of snow is finally freezing the spine of mine, It looks like a big white canvas which I am ready to paint with colors but I am sure the colors will be overshadowed again with the white cast of snow. I tried to step out of my house and saw Icy and snow-covered roadways which will disrupt my going out for a week as weather forecast is to believed. My uncle who was coming to spend his vacations from India sent me a text about Air traffic which is subject to flight delays and cancellations.Much of Central and Western Europe will have days with temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 Degrees F below normal. I am forced to spend my day in my cozy blanket, brandy, IPad and my pet Lucy which I was longing for.

On the TV every news channel is covering the widespread snow, locally heavy, will fall in U.K., Germany, the Low Countries and France, to name a few. Even in southern Europe, parts of Italy, Spain and the Balkan Peninsula, will be subject to potentially heavy snow. One storm, ponderous and "double barreled," will dump a foot or more of heavy mountain snow, between Wednesday and Friday, over an area from the Pyrenees region of Spain and France, through much of Italy, eastward into such Balkan lands as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece.Some lowland cities, in Italy and elsewhere, will also get heavy snowfall.

Another storm may lay down heavy snow Friday and Saturday in a swath over U.K. and France to the western Alps, which has made me bit worried about my daily life. The only thing which I am relying upon for traveling out is an application called RouteIt where I do not need to worry about any traffic and snowfall because it makes me travel virtually. Since I have joined the Project World Tour on facebook, I get connected to different people all over the globe who are sharing their experience and images of their travel around the world. I must say this gives me an extra dose of energy and hope to explore the place I have never been to and make new friends. I will still wait for the weather to become pleasing and warm around so I can spend my holidays with my uncle. The cold, unsettled weather could drag on well into next week as well, But I will keep you people updated.

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