Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Project World Tour- Share your World with us

During childhood, family trips were the most enthralling get together we often looked forward to. Clicking pictures, posing crazily, capturing the landscapes and the unseen-unheard tales of the place that you used to narrate to your friends; you surely miss that, don’t you? These big-small moments in life with your loved ones are the most cherished memories which at times you do feel like sharing with the World.

In the times of social networking, where you have access to even the minutest information about people’s life, that temptation to share and boast about your travel explorations to your friends is irresistible. So you simply put up pictures, manage to get some comments and likes, and thats it! Is this enough to suffice the urge of virtual sharing in you?

If you love sharing your world with the world around you, then we at Project World Tour are eagerly waiting to hear from you. It’s a one stop community for the like minded travelers who just can’t get enough of their daily dose of the offerings that the world outside is ready to give. The main aim of this
endeavor is to get all the itchy travelers from around the world together and instill an environment where places you visit are not only left alone for you to see and admire, but also let others dig into it. You never know how many more are just living to see those places.

Project World Tour not only lets you see and gain but also contribute and get rewarded. Our community is all open for anyone who looks out for us- #ProjectWorldTour on any platform. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, YouTube; we are all pervasive. The urge to share the world from your eyes with others will be addressed well and joining this community of the modern day Vasco De Gamas, Columbus’ and Captain Cooks will prove to be the ultimate salve for you.

Your laptop or Phone → Facebook → Project World Tour, and you are sorted! Sit back, relax and binge into the multitude of exoticas and traditionals that the World around is waiting to share with you. So, welcome aboard and travel through places galore!

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