Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Contriving apps for mobile computing

Remember the era when buying a mobile phone would mean an added supremacy to your status in society or group? Well, it surely was! But mobile phones that time were just limited to receiving and rejecting calls or sending and receiving text messages. All this seemed to be so amusing and had eased up lives to some extent. But the mobile world developers had already foreseen the versatility that this gadget could provide in the future. Thus, here we are with mobile phones now addressed as Smartphones. But why smartphones? All credits to the wonderful mobile app store that has given a whole new dimension to the usability of a bulky, complex device that once was; now turned into a compact, sleek and user friendly gadget!

Mobile App Store phenomenon is just a few years old but has proved to be the most workable and a holistic aspect in mobile computing. Now your mobile phone is no longer just a walky-talky cum pager concocted into one gadget but is a more astute compact technology.

By App Store we mean any online store offering services to users to download and browse various apps for Mobile computing. The Apps that we see in an App Store can be downloaded either for free or for a price depending on the purpose and usability options of a user. They range from an array of categories provided to make it easier for the users to pick the most desired app of their choice. So if you are a traveller, a businessperson often hopping overseas, a language enthusiast or simply a smartphone user, there is something for everyone out there, for every purpose.

But the confusion arises when you are wondering how to pick the best apps for mobile. First of all keep in mind the purpose for which you are downloading the app, then check for its reviews by other users or the developers, use social media or search engines to know more about the app, and then finally download. There are innumerable apps for mobile customization, photography, games, education, communication, shopping, Travel etc. and the list goes on.

The App store phenomenon is surely here to stay, making it easier for the users to navigate, learn and explore stuff that was once either difficult or simply out of their reach. Now any foreign land, an alien language, exotic foods, an unknown route,etc. is all just an app away. Use wisely and live well, as the apps for mobile computing experience would just keep improving, making lives better and easier than ever imagined before.  

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