Thursday, 14 March 2013

Project World Tour - A hamlet for avid travelers!

Traveling is considered one of the best stress busting exercises by many. Are you one of them too? We promise to take away all your stress and worries and gift you with something that you are most fond of. Why only bust out stress when you can even feed on to the plenitude of landscapes, exasperating sights, unheard tales and the florid givings of the World by fellow travelers right there through your computer screens!

We know that in this Google-era where everything is served hot just with a single click, traveling to places has become easier. You can get your trips planned fully without even moving out of your comfort zone, get the best reviews about anyplace you wish to jaunt and even get some street-views of it! So, when you can depend on your social networks and search engines for this, then why not hop directly to the place and feed on with the most unknown, unseen and unheard facts about them?

Now when we have given you enough hints about what we actually plan to offer, why wait? Enter, Project World Tour. A community basically for all those souls who have set their hearts on a place very much in this universe, but cannot be physically present there instantly. Here, with Project World Tour, you can join, share pictures of your trips, describe them for others and get huge responses in return. Want more? Ok, so here is the deal. You can contribute through any platform viz. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, etc. and we’ll reward you with exciting getaways. Interesting, know?

Project World Tour is smart enough to help you rave about a trip you have just had virtually! So, no more waiting and simply join this community which is open for all the globetrotters like you....

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